Train Your Dog to 'Touch' Your Hand

shiba inu touching nose to owners hand

Training your dog to touch your hand is not only super cute but it can give your dog confidence when having hands extended towards them, something that can be really scary for your pup! This is especially great for dogs that may be a little nervous or a good way to build a relationship with your bestie.To train your doggo to touch your hand, you can follow these steps:

  1. Prepare treats: Have some small, tasty treats that you know your dog loves ready to reward your dog during the training process.

  2. Choose a cue: Decide on a specific cue, such as "touch" or "hand," which you will use consistently throughout the training.

  3. Present your hand: Extend your hand with your palm facing your dog's nose, but keep your fingers curled inwards. This will encourage your dog to nudge or touch your hand with their nose.

  4. Reward touching: As soon as your dog makes any contact with your hand, say your chosen cue word ("touch" or "hand") and give them a treat. Timing is crucial, so reward them immediately after the touch.

  5. Repeat and reinforce: Practice the exercise repeatedly, offering the cue, presenting your hand, and rewarding your dog each time they touch your hand. Be patient and consistent.

  6. Add the cue: After several successful repetitions, begin saying the cue word just before presenting your hand. This helps your dog associate the cue with the desired behavior.

  7. Gradually fade the lure: Over time, gradually eliminate the need to present your hand with treats. Use the cue alone, and when your dog touches your hand, reward them with praise and occasional treats.

  8. Generalize the behavior: Practice the touch command in various locations and with different distractions. This helps your dog understand that the cue applies in different situations.

Remember to keep training sessions short, positive, and fun for your dog. Consistency, patience, and positive reinforcement are key to successfully teaching your dog to touch your hand.